Brittany Spaniel Breed Information

Group:      Gundog

Size:          medium

Lifespan:  averages 10-13 years

Exercise:    The Brittany requires plenty of medium to high level exercise –it is not a breed suited to long periods of confinement.

Grooming:  These dogs need a low to medium amount of grooming required in general – extra care will be needed if exhibiting at shows. 
Trainability: A Brittany is very highly intelligent –it is sensitive by nature and will not tolerate harsh handling.

Watchdog ability: high – The Brittany has an acute sense of hearing and will alert its master to unusual happenings.

Protection ability:  medium – A Brittany is willing to protect its master but generally is not an aggressive breed, unless taught to be so.

Area of Origin:  France – this is the national dog of France.

Date of Origin:  The first recorded documents indicate it was established as a recognisable breed from 1850 onwards, with the first recorded Brittany exhibited in Paris, in 1896.

Other Names:     The breed is known in France, and many other European countries as the Epagneul Breton, and in Ireland and Canada as Brittany Spaniel. Elsewhere around the world it is known as Brittany.

Original Function:  This is the smallest of the hunt, point and retrieve type breeds and is classified in New Zealand as a pointer and setter.

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