Daisy x Sammy

If you would like more information on available puppies, please email nmartin@edenbrightbrittanys.com. Please remember that most puppies are spoken for before they are even born, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

Daisy x Sammy 2024

Price: $1800

Estimated DOB Jan 2023
Est. Go Home Date March 2024
6 & 9 Weeks Vaccines & Microchipped

*be aware that heat cycles are estimates and nothing is guaranteed in nature. Daisy has had heat cycles ranging from 7 moths to 10 months. The above dates are based on her average of about every 9 months.

Waitlist (Click to Expand)

1. C. Hall (Female)
2. T. Balini (Female)
3. A. Vilahong (Male)
4. Available for Deposit
5. Available for Deposit
6. Available for Deposit

Daisy and Sammy’s Puppies Information and Photos

“Sweet, calm and intelligent”

Daisy’s 4th litter was supposed to be her last, but it’s such a good combination (and with a clearance from her vet) we have decided to do one more litter with Daisy and Sammy before retiring them both. Daisy’s litters are exceptional in every way – biddable, sweet, submissive but confident, highly trainable and BEAUTIFUL! Some of Daisy and Sammy’s puppy have turned out to the most well mannered, highly trained dogs for all types of homes and envrionments. I will be keeping two females from this litter. As a breeder, this is the litter that I strive to recreate every time. It doesn’t get any better than Sammy and Daisy.
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