Hazel x Tucker

If you would like more information on available puppies, please email nmartin@edenbrightbrittanys.com. Please remember that most puppies are spoken for before they are even born, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hazel & Tucker 2024

Price: $1800

Orange/White and Liver/White Litter
Estimated DOB Jan 2024
Est. Go Home Date March 2024
6 & 9 Weeks Vaccines & Microchipped

*please be aware that the above dates are rough estimates. Heat cycles are not always perfectly timed. Hazel typically has a heat every 6 months and the dates above reflect that pattern.

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  1. S. Fressand
    2. R. Trew
    3. Available for Deposit
    4. Available for Deposit
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Hazel and Tucker’s Puppies Information and Photos

“Spunky, happy, versatile, intelligent”

Hazel and Tucker produce the most amazingly fun puppies! This is Hazel’s 3rd litter and their puppies are the absolute best! If you have children, this is the litter for you! If you are active and love to travel, this is the litter for you! If you want a dog that is sweet, intelligent and has so MUCH personality, this is the litter for you. Hazel and Tucker are both curious, intelligent, playful and social! They make friends everywhere they go!

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