Puppy Cam

Here you will find links to videos of our current puppies and past puppies! Because the puppies are in our home, we don’t keep the puppy cam running at all times. We usually only do 15 to 30-minute intervals a few days a week, but we do try to catch our puppies during play or feeding time. Click the links below to see some of our live videos!

Please remember that our puppies are raised in a very stimulating environment. In many of the videos, you will hear a lot of background noise, sometimes you will listen to me talking to our other dogs, letting them in and out of the house, or just interacting with them – it’s important to us that all of our dogs spend time with us and experience a pet quality life. You will also hear me cleaning my house, doing dishes, cooking, or just generally moving about. Because time is not limitless, these things do happen during recording. In some of the outdoor videos, you will hear the industrial fan running – we run this fan next to the 10×10 outdoor play area to keep gnats, mosquitos, and flies away from the puppies in springtime and summer, as well as help keep them cool while they are playing.

In our videos, you will see and hear puppies play, whine, fight and bark. If you are unfamiliar with Brittanys or have never had more than one, you will understand what it means when we say Brittanys are very vocal. Yelps, yips, growls, rumbles, chirps, whines, groans, and snarls are all a part of puppy communication – but for Brittanys having a docked tail means they lack a vital tool in dog communication – they often make up for this with over the tops vocal noises, body language, and expressions.

We are an extremely transparent kennel. Our videos and pictures are candid and lack *aesthetics* for a reason. Everything you see and hear in these videos is a real, unedited glimpse into how our puppies are raised – we value cleanliness and sanitation over decorative products – we value stimulation and problem-solving toys and environments over bells and whistle toys – we value health and comfort over picturesque play areas. We hope you appreciate the lengths we have gone to be a truly ethical and caring kennel that prioritizes transparency and honesty.