Coat Colors and Patterns

Below you will find slideshows of Brittanys (the ones that are Edenbright’s Brittanys will be noted in the caption) and an explination of the color, pattern and textures that can be expected from your puppy depending on the litter they come from. Nothing is guaranteed, but it may help in making an informed decision about what you are looking for in a puppy. This isn’t a complete list of color combinations and coat patterns, but a summation of what you can possibly expect from our puppies.

Coat Colors

Orange and White Clear and Ticked

The first coat color is the most common – this is called Orange/White and is either Clear or Ticked. Clear coated Brittanys have very little ticking and most of their body is white fur. Ticked Brittanys can be moderately or heavily ticked. In our program, Daisy and Ruby are Orange/White Clear, with light ticking on their paws and muzzle – Samson is Orange/White Ticked, with heavy ticking on his muzzle and legs. Samson x Ruby and Samson x Daisy produce Orange/White moderately ticked puppies, with some range between the two extremes.

Orange Roan

Orange Roan is a variation on the Orange and White. It is different from heavy ticking, as the ‘freckles’ are ‘melted’ into the fur to create a darker look. True Orange Roan is probably the rarest coat color for a Brittany and is highly sought after. It’s so rare that I had trouble finding stock photos of Orange Roan Brittanys to upload. In our program, we have Bea, a true Orange Roan. We don’t know how her puppies will look yet, but typically a breeding between an Orange and White and a Roan only produces a few Roan puppies.

Liver and White

Liver and White has many of the same ticking variations as Orange and White. The Liver color is a deep, chocolate color and can look black when wet. In our Program, Hazel is a heavily ticked Liver and White Brittany.

Liver Roan

Second in rarity to the Orange Roan, Liver Roan is the Roan version of the Liver Brittanys, with the liver coloring ‘melting’ into the fur to create a very distinct coat color. We have yet to produce Liver Roan puppies in our program, but we have a goal to provide this in the future.

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