Upcoming Litters

If you would like more information on available puppies, please text us at 1-912-614-7535 or email nmartin@edenbrightbrittanys.com. Please remember that most puppies are spoken for before they are even born, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

2022-2023 Planned Litters

Daisy x Sammy

Orange and White Litter
Estimated DOB April 5th
Estimated Go Home Date June 6
6 & 9 Weeks Vaccines & Microchipped
DO NOT MISS OUT. This is Daisy and Sammy’s last litter, the pairing is considered by far our best pairing – puppies are sweet, sensitive, easily trained and full pet quality – laid back demeanors with lots of personality! There are limited spots available as we will be keeping two females from this litter. This line is TOO GOOD not to continue. This is Daisy and Sammy’s 4th litter together and there is a good history of great temperments with these pups. (Scroll down for pictures of Daisy x Sammy’s Previous litters).
1. R. Bernstein (Female, NYC – Flight)
2. M. Lindstrom (Either M/F, GA)
3. K. Dawson (Male)
4. C. Singletary
5. M. Johnson
6. S. Ward
7. Available Male
8.Available Male

Bea x Sammy

Orange and White Clean and Roan Litter
Estimated DOB May 25th
Estimated Go Home Date July 27th
6 & 9 Weeks Vaccines & Microchipped
This is an opportunity to take home a FANTASTIC puppy. This will be Bea x Sammy’s 2nd litter, and we could not be more impressed with how their puppies have developed. Bea x Sammy’s pups are intelligent, happy, easily trainable and BEAUTIFUL (scroll down for pictures of Bea x Sammy’s Previous litter). I think this pairing produces some of the most beautiful Brittanys I have ever seen. These puppies make excellent pets AND great hunters – a true DUAL pup.
1. J. Lawrence (Female)
2. N. Stosak (*Female/Male)
3. C. Acevedo (Female)
4. M. Tommas (Male/Roan)
5. R. Mendoza
6. J. Filicko
7. Available for Deposit

Bea and Sammy’s Past Pups

Daisy and Sammy’s Past Pups