Upcoming Litters

Below you will find a list of Planned Litters for the 2021-2022 Breeding Season. If you would like more information on litters, please contact text us at 1-912-614-7535 or email nmartin@edenbrightbrittanys.com. Please remember that most puppies are spoken for before they are even born, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

(Please be aware that there is no guarantee that we can supply the exact puppy you are looking for. We do our best to make the process easy for our future pet-parents, but we are ultimately working with nature and the number of girls vs boys, colors, markings and sized that our dogs produce varies from litter to litter and we don’t know what we have until they are born. In such cases as the gender or color puppy you are looking for is unavailable, or if you have been placed on the waiting list before we know exactly how many puppies we will have, you may move your name to the waiting list for the next planned litter, or you may choose not to adopt a puppy from us at this time. We understand! A puppy is a 10+ year emotional and financial commitment, you can and should be picky! Remember, we do not take deposits for the waiting list for this very reason. We have no interest in locking you into a commitment for a puppy that you do not want!)

2021-2022 Planned Litters

Samsom/Daisy – Confirmed, Tentative Whelping Date Nov 8. Tentative go home date December 27

  1. M. Pena (Male)
  2. T. Selfridge (Male/Female)
  3. M. Tonore (Female)
  4. M. Halloran (Male/Female)
  5. J. Sheldon (Male)
  6. H. Gilbert (Male)
  7. L. Drobnick (Male)
  8. Male Open
  9. Male Open

Samson/Ruby – Unconfirmed Breeding for May 2022 (Puppies go home in September 2022) – All Spots Open (Orange/White Clear and Roan)

  1. C. Murphy (Female)
  2. J. And C. Descartes (Male)
  3. S. Breininger (Male/Female)
  4. A. Strickland (Female)

Tucker/Hazel – Unconfirmed Breeding for June 2022 (Puppies go home in October 2022) – 5 Spots Open(Orange/White and Liver/White Clear and Roan)

  1. J. Martin (Female)
  2. M. Pena (Female
  3. S. Breininger (Male/Female)

Samson/Daisy – Unconfirmed Breeding for September 2022 (Puppies Go Home January2023)- All Spots Open (Orange/White Clear and Roan)

The Waiting List and Deposit Process

1. Once on the list, you are given a placement on our waiting list based on how many people were on the list in front of you.

2. You are invited to follow our Facebook page and website for updates. (There will be weekly to bi-weekly updates)

3. We will contact you one week after the puppies are born to ask if you are still interested in a puppy. If you are, we will ask for a $200.00 deposit to hold your spot and you will receive an adoption form to fill out (this is just for records, state of GA requires record keeping for licensed kennels. It will have no personal information other than your name). After that, your spot is held.

4. During the first six weeks of the puppies life, you and I will communicate as much as you would like with pictures, videos, information and/or visits (all you have to do is reach out and I will provide anything I can! 😊). There will also be regular updates on the puppies with live videos, puppy cam footage, personality videos and more.

5. At six weeks old, you will be contacted again per your placement on the list to pick your puppy! You may visit in person or pick out your puppy from having seen the dozens of updates, live videos and photos we post, as well as conversations with me about temperament and personality. At this stage you may also name your puppy and we will include the name on all proper paperwork! We encourage visits after six weeks so that you can get to know your new puppy in person if possible! 😉 You may also visit earlier to view the sire and dam or the newborn puppies anytime before or after placing a deposit, you just will not be able to interact with the puppies before they are six weeks old (until 48 hours after their first vaccinations).

6. The puppies will be ready to go home the Saturday after they turn 8 weeks if you are picking up your puppy yourself. You will be provided with this date very early on so that you may make arrangements to travel with your puppy. All paperwork and puppy package will be provided at pickup. Total amount minus deposit is due at pickup. We take Cash, PayPal or Zelle transfer. You will be sent a payment request if using digital payments a few hours before your scheduled pickup time and you can confirm in person after receiving your puppy.

*if I am delivering the puppy, payment must be made a day beforehand and delivery charges apply. You may also arrange your own delivery service via ground transport or air (please let me know as far in advance as possible if you choose to use a service).

I am ALWAYS available for questions, information, updates and visits. My dogs are my life and I am dedicated to making this process easy and worry free for any prospective pet parents that are interested in an Edenbright Brittany, so please do not hesitate to contact me via phone, email or Facebook message (if you contact me via phone, please text first because of the high volume of spam calls).