Online Application

PUPPY APPLICATION SUBMISSION ONLINE: There are times when our online system does not deliver a puppy application to us. If you have not heard back from us within 48 hours after submitting an application, please email us at  


  1. Review our Policy Page to View Examples with all the details about the Reservation policy, puppy fees, and how our process works.
  2. Review the litter options we will be breeding that are listed on the UPCOMING LITTERS and our available puppies on CURRENTLY AVAILABLE page. We will indicate the average expected length of wait for a puppy on Upcoming Litters page and all puppies over six weeks of age that are available on our Currently Available page. Review the parent information on OUR DOGS  page.


  1. We text you to set up an appointment to speak over the phone. I will not accept deposits or approve applications without a conversation with you.
  2. After the phone conversation, I will send an invoice for you to make the deposit. Please read over the invoice carefully as it contains information about our refund policy and picking process. DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID 48 HOURS AFTER RECEIPT OF INVOICE OR YOU WILL NOT BE PUT ON THE LIST. 
Please list a working phone number as I will contact you via this number
Please use a working email
To see our upcoming litters and available puppies, please visit the 'Available Puppies' Page and our 'Upcoming Litters' Page
We are frequently asked about the differences between males and females. In our experience, there are few differences between fixed dogs of either gender. We have found that males are sweeter, somewhat easier to train and more laid back. Females usually have bigger personalities, are more velcro-like and exude more confidence. Despite what many believe, we have actually found males to be easier to housebreak - the myth of 'marking' isn't an issue in a properly trained male where the male believes the house is his home.