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How we place puppies!

Placing puppies in the right home based on temperament and personality is the cornerstone of our breeding program. In the past, we have assessed each individual puppy’s personality and character to ensure a good fit for all homes. This is a growing process and is always changing and improving, so check back periodically for updates. However, we believe we have found a system that SO many of our buyers really enjoy. We strive to include everyone in the puppy picking process in a way that brings excitement, joy, and early bonding with the puppies before they even go home. Below you will find a step-by-step explanation of how our picking process works.

Step One:  Place a Deposit

The first thing you will want to do is fill out an application and place a deposit on a current or future litter. This deposit gives you a number on our list. That number can mean different things depending on where you are on the list and the preferences you and others above you have selected.

Below is an example of a typical list. On this list, there are 3 people who have placed deposits. Let’s say you wanted an Orange and White Male. While you will be 4th to be contacted to discuss which puppy you would like to take home, you would actually have 2nd pick of all the available males:

1. A. Alexander (1st Pick Orange/White Female)

2. B. Barton (2nd Pick Orange/White Female)

3. C. Charleston (Orange/White 1st Pick Male)

4. YOU (2nd Pick Orange/White Male)

YOU MUST PICK A COLOR AND A GENDER THAT YOU WANT! It becomes far too difficult to inform others farther down on the list of what color/gender options they can reasonably expect to be available to them if several people above them state that they want ‘any puppy of any color or gender’. You MUST pick a gender and color preference, and you can only pick one of each (i.e Orange and White Male, or Liver and White Female). While you may feel it limits your options, it makes it much fairer for everyone else on our lists – and it also makes your decision much easier – you would be surprised how overwhelming it becomes trying to pick one of 10 puppies to take home when your options are wide open. Another benefit is that if we do not produce a puppy that meets the options you selected on your application, you can ask for a 100% refund on your deposit. We want you to have what you want!

Step Two: Follow our Owner’s Page and Litter Updates Page

Once you’ve placed a deposit, you will be given a link to the Owner’s Page and the Litter Updates Page. The owner’s page allows you to see photos of our past puppies and discuss various topics with our past owners. The Litter Updates page is where I will post updates on breedings, and unborn and born litters – including photos, calendars, important dates, and videos. This is where you will get all of the information on the puppies you will use for picking out your puppy if you cannot be here in person to do so, I will post weekly to bi-weekly photos and videos and details on their personalities.

YOU MUST FOLLOW THE LITTER PAGE FOR UPDATES – If you do not have a Facebook page, make one or use someone else’s. I will not text people individually – if you are unconcerned about updates and do not follow the page, you will be contacted at the six-week mark to pick out your puppy and be given the pickup date. Unless you call me for an update, you will only receive them via Facebook.

Step Three: Pick Your Puppy

I will call you at some point during the 6th week. Picking is a process, and it can take an entire week to complete as I go down the list in order. As puppies are picked, the list on our website will be updated to reflect what puppies have been chosen. Once I get to your name, I will text you to set up a phone conversation. During this conversation, we will also discuss your plans to pick your puppy up after he/she is 8 Weeks Old. If I do not hear back from you within 24 hours, you will move to the bottom of the list and I will move on.

If you would like to come in person to pick up your puppy YOU MUST SCHEDULE THAT VISIT EARLY ON! You will be given the dates for open visitation.

My advice during and before picking is to have two or three puppies that you would like to choose from rather than have your heart set on one, especially if you are not in one of the top spots.

Step Four: Pick up your puppy!

Even though I allow you to pick out which puppy you would like before they are 8 weeks, they will not go home with you until after they are 8 weeks! Additionally, I reserve the right to place puppies in homes where I believe they will thrive. If I do not think a puppy will do well in your home and with your lifestyle, you will not get that puppy. I also reserve the right at any time to choose a pick of the litter to keep or to place in an exceptional home. This does not happen too often. I will know ahead of time whether or not a litter is going to have puppies in it that I will possibly keep and/or place in exceptional homes. It’s not something that will often be a surprise last-moment decision, so no worries!