Our dogs

Sammy – Willie’s Gunnen Go

Samson is our big, sweet boy! He comes in at 50lbs and is absolutely beautiful! His nickname is Sweet Sammie (it’s even printed on his collar!). His tail is always wagging at a hundred miles an hour and his favorite pastime is chasing dragonflies and snuggling my husband on the livingroom floor. Sammie is a sweet, affectionate dog with a calm nature. He is a wonderful pet in the house and yard, but he also excels in the field. His Pedigree includes National Gun Dog Champion Peter Gunn and National Field Champions Walker’s Gunner, Bullet’s Renegade Miss Megan, High Hopes Dark Nite, Gambler’s Ace in The Hole, Renegade’s Kansas Kid, Beans Blaze,32x NSTRA Champion Nolan’s Last Bullet and many more. To see Sammie’s Pedigree, click here.

Daisy May and Ruby Jean

Sisters from the same litter, these two are goofy, sweet and full of big personality. Ruby loves to talk and sing, while Daisy loves to cuddle! As family pets, both excel in their obedience training and are often off leash in public places. They love children and display a gentle and affectionate nature. To see Ruby’s and Daisy’s pedigree click here.

Hazel – Eden’s Sweet Dreams

Hazel is brand new to our group! Spunky, intelligent and independent, we believe Hazel is going to be a wonderful hunter. She is fearless and curious! It doesn’t hurt that she is also absolutely beautiful! Just look at those eyes!!!! Hazel won’t have puppies for us for a while, but we are having so much fun with her!