Breeding The best dog

As a veteran Dog Groomer I have worked with thousands of dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments. I have come to personally recognize that breeding does, in fact, matter. I can spot a well-bred dog of any consequence before they even walk through my doors – but in all of my years there is only one dog breed that continually impressed me with their personality, gentleness and intelligence – The Brittany.

Brittanys have been a staple dog among bird hunters for hundreds of years. They are the best kept secret among the Sporting Dogs – beautiful, but not flashy, intelligent but not stubborn, biddable but not nervous. The perfect dog with one personality trait that put them above the rest – loyalty. The Brittany was bred to hunt one on one with his/her companion human, and thus breeding the Brittany meant making sure that love and loyalty were passed down from puppy to puppy, resulting in a happy and intelligent companion.

Edenbright Brittanys have been carefully selected for health first, temperament/biddability second and looks third. With our curated Bright from the Start program that is given to all of our Puppies from day one, we ensure that our dogs are healthy, happy and well-balanced. They are socialized, introduced to noise and stimulation and trained on collars and leashes before going home with their new families.

An Edenbright Brittany is a Natural Born Heart-Dog for any Owner.