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Upcoming Litters

If you would like more information on available puppies, please text us at 1-912-614-7535 or email Please remember that most puppies are spoken for before they are even born, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

2021-2022 Planned Litters

Samson x Ruby

Born 3/28/2022 Orange & White
2 Male/2 Females
$1200 Each
Puppies go home last week in May

Samson x Daisy

Breeding Planned Orange & White
$1200 Female/$1000 Male
Puppies go home August 2022
Samson x Ruby Reservation List

1. L. Blakeward (Ash)

2. K. Davis (Reed)

3. A. Dixon (Holly)

4. A. Baumgarten (Willow)

Samson x Daisy Reservation List
  1. W. Grey (Undocked Female Limited)
  2. S. Szuko (Female/Male Limited)
  3. A. Oehrle (Male Limited)
  4. B. Lazu (Male/Female Limited)
  5. E. Bruce (Male/Female Limited)
  6. D. Walker (Male Limited)

Reservation Lists, Waiting Lists and Deposit Policies

Here at Edenbright Brittanys our goal is to provide puppies with good temperaments, great looks, and ultimately in great health! While we can not guarantee what color or gender each litter will produce, we can help you get a good idea of what to expect based on previous litters. We have general goals of how many litters we would like to produce and then rely upon heat cycles and dam body mass index to be exceptional before we breed. If there are concerns for the health of our dams, we won’t breed them during that heat cycle.
Our general goal is to produce approximately 2-4 litters of Orange/White, 1-2 litters of Liver/White and 1 litter of Orange/White Roan annually.

At this point the approximate wait time for each color combination is

Orange/White = 3-6 months
Liver/White = 9-12months
(To see examples of what dogs in these color ranges look like, please click here)
These numbers are approximate and can vary significantly based on the many variables in our dog’s lives. We only breed our females if they are healthy and ready for pregnancy. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will have puppies, or how many they have if they do get pregnant.

Reservation Lists And Deposits

Our Reservation Lists (found above) is for future advertised litters (unborn puppies) or current litters with puppies that have been born but are not old enough to be picked out yet (Puppies are picked out at 5-6 weeks old, and go home at 8-9 weeks). To be placed on a Reservation List for a specific litter, we require a $200.00 deposit. DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID 48 HOURS AFTER RECEIPT OF INVOICE OR YOU WILL NOT BE PUT ON THE LIST.  Once you have been pre-approved and subsequently deposited, you will be placed onto the Specified Reservation List for That LitterDeposits are 50% Refundable and can be refunded for any reason, and 100% Refundable in the event that we fail to provide you with a puppy that met the requirements you listed on the application. There is no way that you can know for sure that we will have a puppy for you in the future, and we understand that. We fully respect your decision if you find a puppy elsewhere or change your mind for any other reason. In such a case we would refund 50% of your deposit. ($100.00 on a $200.00 deposit). If for whatever reason, we cannot provide you with a puppy that matches the gender and/or color from ANY of our litters within 12 months, your deposit if 100% Refundable. After you pick a puppy at the six week mark, the deposit becomes completely non-refundable.

Transferring Deposits Between Litters

Deposits are transferable between litters only in the event that a litter did not produce a puppy that meets the gender and/or color preferences listed on the application. For example: You have placed a $200 deposit on an upcoming litter (we will call this Litter A) in which we do not know how many boys/girls and/or colors will be produced. You have listed on your application that you prefer a female, liver and white. When Litter A is whelped, there are only male liver and white puppies. At this point, you have three options: 1. Depending on where you are on the list and how the list is set up, you may have the option to settle for a male liver and white or a puppy of another color. 2. You may transfer your deposit to another litter that should produce the same color that you are looking for. You may only do this 12 months in advance. If we have no litters with your preferences planned within the next 12 months, you may request a 100% refund of your deposit – or a 50% deposit if you decide to look elsewhere before the 12 month mark. 3. You may transfer your deposit to ANY other Reservation List for an announced breeding OR ask to be put on the Waiting List – the Waiting List is a running list of people that I will contact before breedings are announced, before puppies are born, or if we have more puppies than anticipated BEFORE opening those options up to potential buyers by posting an announcment. This is how many people get to the top of our Reservations lists and get top pick – often, this means waiting slightly longer, but being at the top of the list is never a bad thing.

During these types of events, I WILL talk to you over the phone. I will contact you with all updates, all news and all changes to discuss any decision or change you would like to make about your puppy. You will always be notified via text message, and for more complex descions, we will speak over the phone. I will NEVER leave you in the dark.

Waiting List

The waiting list is probably your best bet of getting to the top three or four spots on any list early.

We typically try to plan litters 6 months in advance – however, when it comes to dams that are having their first litter, or dams that produce an uncertain amount of puppies or color variations regularly, we do not advertise these litters until the puppies are born and we are sure they are healthy and know a little more about what colors/patterns the litters produced – we also short our Reservation Lists for confirmed breedings – if we expect 8 puppies, we will ask for reservations for 6 of those puppies before they are born, just in case. This is especially true of our rarer patterns like roan or tri color. This ensures that we don’t end up with an entire list of dissapointed people if a litter that was expected to produce a certain color/pattern or number of puppies doesn’t produce any of that color/pattern or produces less puppies than we expected. We can give you a good indication of when we expect those litters, and what we think they may produce, but it’s all just guess work.

We also often have people asking for puppies that will be available at certain times, from certain dams or breeding pairs, or from litters that are priced differently and may take place more than 6 months out. What we do in these events, where the buyer has no listed litter to place a deposit upon, but a future litter is expected within the next year, we ask if you would like to be put on a waiting list. The deposit for the waiting list is $200.00 and follows the same rules as the Reservation list deposits (50% refundable if you aren’t happy, 100% refundable if we fail to get you a puppy that meets your requirements within 12 months). It is a free running list that can be viewed below, and is first come, first serve. Basically, what that means is that we contact you in the event a puppy becomes available or a breeding (that we have yet to advertise) has taken place that we are confident will produce puppies that meets your standards – color, pattern, pairing, timing etc. You have the option to go on ANY of the lists once we decide to advertise them. The Waiting List gets your foot in the door first before we officially advertise confirmed breedings or new litters.

To be put on this list, please fill out the application by cliking the link at the top of the page – when asked about litter or puppy preference, please state that you are looking for the first available puppy that meets the gender, color, pattern or timing preference selected on your application. Once the application is submitted, I will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss your special preferences. DO NOT FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO COMMIT POSSIBLY WAITING SIX+ MONTHS FOR A PUPPY that meets your preferences. You can view the waiting list below.

Please keep in mind that litter planning is truly guesswork, and nothing is guaranteed. We are working with nature and she can be finicky at times.

All lists get you access to Owners Facebook Page and our Litter Updates Page.

Expected Breedings

Future expected breedings are posted below. Please PLEASE remember that these are our best guesses and are in no way guaranteed, but rest assured that these dates will be updated in real-time as more information about our dam’s health and heat cycles become more apparent. Our dogs are our pets first, and we will not breed a dam that is not in top physical condition and we will not force a dam to breed that does not want to. these lists can and do change occasionally, but we would let you know well ahead of time.

OW = Orange and White. LW = Liver and White. R = Roan. PC = Premium Champion Bloodline

Fall 2022 Expected Breedings

August 2022 Hazel x Tucker LW/OW

November 2022 Bea x Sammy OW/R

Waiting List for Unadvertised Litters

Waiting List

B. Painter – F/OW/R

B. Wilds – F/OW End of 2022- Beginning 2023

E. Bruce – F LW

J. Strand – MF LW

I am ALWAYS available for questions, information, updates and visits. My dogs are my life and I am dedicated to making this process easy and worry free for any prospective pet parents that are interested in an Edenbright Brittany, so please do not hesitate to contact me via phone, email or Facebook message (if you contact me via phone, please text first because of the high volume of spam calls).

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